POETRY                “Contracting,” On The Seawall

                                "Surveillance" + 1, Denver Quarterly

                                “Passage” + some, Juke Joint

                                 "Backyard" + 2, Newfound

                                 "Refuges, Montauk," Kenyon Review Online

                                 "Ceres" + 1, Tammy Journal

                                 "Prince came to," Vinyl Poetry and Prose

                                 "Subjectobject" + 1, Public Pool


FICTION               “Melons Marina,” + 1, The Literary Review

                                 “Sex Work” + some, Tupelo Quarterly, Issue 16

                                 "Mother and Daughterhood," Fairy Tale Review (The Translucent Issue)

                                 "Whale," December Magazine

HYBRID                 "Pluto" + some, Scarlet


NONFICTION     “What Is Arresting,” Newfound (forthcoming)

                                 "Before I Began," Apogee Journal         

                                 "Mistresses," Connotation Press

ART       "The Architecture of Resistance, with JASA, Guernica Magazine