HYBRID                "Pluto" + some, Scarlet, a literary blog by Jaded Ibis Press


POETRY                “Contracting,” On The Seawall

                                "Surveillance" + 1, Denver Quarterly

                                “Passage” + some, Juke Joint

                                 "Backyard" + 2, Newfound

                                 "Refuges, Montauk," Kenyon Review Online

                                 "Ceres" + 1, Tammy Journal

                                 "Prince came to," Vinyl Poetry and Prose

                                 "Subjectobject" + 1, Public Pool


FICTION               “Melons Marina,” + 1, The Literary Review

                                  “Sex Work” + some, Tupelo Quarterly, Issue 16

                                  "Mother and Daughterhood," Fairy Tale Review (The Translucent Issue)

                                  "Whale," December Magazine

                                  “The Neighborhood,” New Contrast


CREATIVE NF       “What Is Arresting,” Newfound (forthcoming)

                                  "Before I Began," Apogee Journal         

                                   "Mistresses," Connotation Press


ART WRITING     "Fairy Tales from Outer Space," supplementary text to the catalogue for Catalina Ouyang's DEATH RIDE JOY RIDE

                                   Make Room, Los Angeles, CA

                                   "The Emotionality of Erasure in Matthew Woodward's Goodbye," catalogue essay for Matthew Woodward's Take Care of Yourself

                                   Linda Warren Gallery, Chicago, IL

                                   "The Architecture of Resistance, with JASA, Guernica Magazine       

                                  Venice Biennale 2015, Venice, Veneto

                                   "If we could take these chains off," ekphrastic essay for the introduction to Laurencia Strauss's work, Interdependence

                                   Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, St. Louis, MO



                                   Accidental Green