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CRYSTAL & FLAME is an experimental and open-access journal and forum, dedicated to bridging gaps in the cultural community. 

Right now, language is being used against us, feeding conflicts and causing separations. Art offers a way to take our social temperature. And it offers diagnoses, and even medicine and answers for some of the problems we face. If we experience limitations in our access to art, whether because of economic, geographic, or cultural disparities, then our ability to expand our capacity to relate to one another is also limited. CRYSTAL AND FLAME is an art writing journal whose purpose is to uphold art that demands to be written about in these times; to create a megaphone for their transmissions; and to bring artists and their audiences closer together. 

CRYSTAL & FLAME takes its name after a concept by the writer Italo Calvino, who named crystal and flame as symbols for differing aesthetics in art. Crystal represents the cold phenomenon of crystallization, and flame, the transformative properties of heat. Calvino posited that all contemporary art and architecture could be aesthetically categorized as either crystal or flame. The journal welcomes debate around this notion; the simplicity of Calvino’s concept is intended as an easeful entry for anyone to discuss art, regardless of their experience.

CRYSTAL & FLAME is a vehicle to help shift the way we value writers and artists in our culture, and to empower public conversation about art. If you are interested in funding this project, we welcome your support—please contact Maura here.

We launch in 2019. Stay posted.

Instagram: @crystalandflame