Performing  Blue Estuary  with Philip Matthews at Riverside Park, next to  Viewfinding . Photo by Austen Weymeller

Performing Blue Estuary with Philip Matthews at Riverside Park, next to Viewfinding. Photo by Austen Weymeller


In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and in response to Sarah E. Brook’s sculpture, Viewfinding, Maura Pellettieri and Philip Matthews wrote and performed Blue Estuary, an eco-poetic and site-specific text. Maura and Philip debuted Blue Estuary at Alternative Pride, a gathering of LGBTQIA artists and writers in Riverside Park.

Throughout Alternative Pride, performers, artists, and poets instigated reclamations of queer space, celebrating and honoring those whose voices have been erased and ignored in an increasingly commercialized Pride—particularly the voices of our indigenous, POC, and trans community members.

Philip and Maura have been meditating and writing together since 2017. They are mutually interested in the somatic power of poetry as a tool for democratic spell-casting and healing.


Viewfinding is a public sculpture, created by Sarah E. Brook and installed in Riverside Park in New York City/Lenapehoking. The sculpture, which also functions as a public bench, forefronts the voices of 25 queer poets in public space, including Pellettieri and Matthews. The sculpture is available for viewing, resting on, and reading from September 2018-August 2019, at 67th St.

Thank you to Sarah E. Brook for creating Viewfinding and curating Alternative Pride. Thank you to all our fellow participants—in both Viewfinding and Alternative Pride.

You can read about Viewfinding here, and in The New York Times.


Pictured: Viewfinding close-ups, with work by Maura Pellettieri, Philip Matthews, and Alicia Mountain